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Why Isn’t My Website Showing up on Google?

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Why Isn’t My Website Showing up on Google?

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Every online marketer understands the importance of Google. The heavyweight champion of search engines plays a key role in determining which websites receive the most traffic, and which ones receive fewer hits.

Many website owners spend a large amount of time and effort designing their website to attract visitors. However, they may still have trouble getting their site to show up in Google’s search results. Let’s examine some possible explanations for why this occurs.

Number of Websites

The simplest reason why your website isn’t showing up in Google is the number of websites on the internet. There are close to 2 billion websites online in the digital era. Many of these websites are likely to be similar to your own, or they may feature content related to your field or industry. The owners of these websites are also likely to be vying for a top spot in Google search results. Given that there is only a limited number of websites that can fit onto each Google results page, your website may not show up.

Website AgeSeo Raleigh Domain Names

Google uses various criteria to determine which websites show up in their results. Website owners have to abide by these “search engine optimization” (SEO) rules if they want to improve their odds of being featured in search results. However, one rule that few website owners have control over is website age.

The search engine is known to favor older or more “senior” websites in their results. The reason for this isn’t widely understood. But it is generally believed that older websites develop a “trust” factor that keeps them ranking well for many years.

In addition to this, older websites are likely to contain a larger quantity of SEO-friendly content compared to newer websites that featureless content. You may be able to catch up by adding SEO-friendly content to your site frequently, but this process could still take some time.

Too Few Backlinks

Seo Raleigh Back Linking

A backlink is simply a website URL that leads to your website. Having a high number of backlinks to your website scattered across the internet can improve the likelihood of people visiting it, and also help improve site’s ranking in search engine results.

Unfortunately, this also means younger sites with few backlinks to them are less likely to show up in search results.

Lack of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Website owners that do not have a proper digital marketing strategy typically struggle to have their website show up in Google results. A digital marketing strategy encompasses many different tasks, such as creating website content that is optimized to meet SEO rules, or creating backlinks to your website from other sites. Hence, this is how Think Designs helps many businesses achieve page-one placement.

Many website owners already have digital marketing strategies in place. If you wish to get ahead of these competitors, you will need to design a marketing strategy that is better than theirs. This may seem daunting at first, but you should be able to succeed by hiring the right digital marketer and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy.


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