Communication Is Crucial In Times Like These And We Are Here To Help - Learn More

Communication is crucial in times like these and we are here to help!

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Communication is crucial in times like these and we are here to help!

The safety and security of your clients are your number one concern. Keeping the line of communication remains important, some businesses are open and operational but may be operating at a different location, modified hours or with team members working from home, there could be a delay in response time. How are you communicating with your customers regarding the status of the business?

Below is a list of items we can help you communicate with your customers:

A pop-up window box on your website home page

A pop-up box is a small window that suddenly appears (“pops up”) in the foreground of your website’s home page. We can create a pop-up box that helps isolate specific information/alerts when clients are visiting your website, consider hours of operation, the best way to contact you/team or redirect to a page on your website with information about your business during the outbreak.

Coronavirus Pop Up Pop Up

Eblast campaign to all your customers 

An eblast campaign can blast a message to hundreds or thousands of your clients simultaneously with a specific message, consider it a loudspeaker! We suggest MailChimp, it’s a great tool, and free (less than 2,000 emails names). We can create an account, upload your customer emails, design your message and blast it away.

Coronavirus Email

Scrolling banner on your home page website

Just like the ticker you see crawling along the bottom of the TV screen, delivering headlines and updated information when you’re watching the news. We can create a scrolling banner that appears on the top of your website’s home page, which can keep your clients informed about important news that relates to your company during the outbreak.

Coronavirus Pop Up
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