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Landing Page: Exploring Its Purpose and Importance

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Landing Page: Exploring Its Purpose and Importance

Are you wondering how to collect website visitor information responsibly?

Are you looking for a way to entice your visitors with lucrative offers and convince them to become customers?

That is where a landing page helps you!

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is usually a stand-alone page on your website that helps you offer something to your visitors in exchange for their information. You can also use it to follow up on any promise that you made to the visitors. Although 77% of landing pages are homepages, it is better to have them as a standalone page.

What is the Purpose of a Landing Page?

  • It can help you promote your blog and specific website pages.
  • It can help you deliver the latest offers your business is promoting.
  • It can help you nurture leads so you can turn your visitors into customers.

As discussed above, landing pages serve many purposes, but standalone landing pages are good for two things.

  • Lead Generation: By offering visitors a free trial, access to a webinar or an eBook, you can ask them to submit their contact information.
  • Click-Through: These landing pages only help guide the visitors to the other pages of your site.

Although they are quite effective, there is a misconception that landing pages are difficult to update. That is not the case. In fact, there are many businesses that manage multiple landing pages, targeted to specific demographics, increasing the likelihood of a potential customer landing on one of these.

What is the Importance of a Landing Page?

Landing pages are an effective lead conversion tool that can transform your hard work into sales. Including them in your marketing plan can help you gain a plethora of benefits. Some of the ways landing pages benefit your website are by.

  • Helping build up your brand.
  • Improving your website’s SEO.
  • Collecting prospect demographics.
  • Driving traffic and generating leads.
  • Inspiring specific action from new visitors.
  • Analyzing tracking data to understand prospects better.
  • Starting the sales process and turning visitors into customers.
  • Convincing visitors that the offer is worth providing their information for.

The only way to avail all these advantages is to ensure everyone has access to them. It is a fact that only 50% of landing pages open on mobile devices. This means almost half of your visitors may have difficulty accessing it. If this happens, you stand to lose a great opportunity. You will not be able to collect information and the visitors may take more time to convert. So, make sure you optimize the landing page for mobile devices too.

Now that you know about landing pages, their purpose, and importance for your business, use them for lead generation and watch your business grow!

See our landing page example.

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