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All About Vector and Raster Files and how it fits with your logo?

Whether you just started your business or an experienced business owner, you are going to struggle when it comes to deciding which file format is best for your signs, letterhead, apparel, business cards and more. There are two main types of image file types, which are:

  • Raster files – square-shaped pixels – JPEG, PNG, and GIF
  • Vector files – graphics based on mathematical curves and paths EPS and AI

Vector files are considered better for use in marketing projects, since they’re resolution independent, which allows you to make them smaller or bigger without compromising image quality.

What is a Vector File?

Vector files are computer graphics that use mathematical formulas to render images, instead of using pixel data. A vector image starts with a point, and two points build a path. The path can be curved or straight and connected with more points to form closed shapes or longer paths. Every shape, curve, or path has its own formula, which means you can size the image up or down, and the formulas will maintain the sharpness and crispness of the image. There are a few advantages to using vector files:

  • Scalability
  • Small file size
  • Easily editable

When to Use Vector Files

When you need to display graphics at different sizes, you should always use vector files. They are ideal for use when you are creating a company logo. The logo is going to appear on all the marketing merchandise of the business, like flyers, brochures, and business cards, while it can also appear on mobile devices, billboards, and T-shirts. The most common vector files include digital illustrations, patterns, lettering designs and typography, and icons.

What is a Raster file?

Raster files are created by using thousands of pixels to build an image. Every pixel has a different color, and when placed together, the pixels help creates an image or logo. The common files that use Raster images are PNG, GIF and JPG files. The Raster image can’t be resized after it is generated, since it will distort the pixels and ruin the image quality.

Vector Files for Creating Logos

One of the main reasons why vector files are considered the best option for creating logos is because they can be resized without compromising picture quality. They are also easier to work with than Raster files. When you want to print your logo on different merchandise, they can be easily customized into any shape or size. Therefore, if you want to create your company logo, only use vector files.

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