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Web Design & Development Process

Know what you paying for is crucial when owning a business, at Think Design we believe in complete transparency regarding website design.

Create a custom design of home and interior pages. The approved page designs will be converted into responsive web pages. You will have the ability to edit final online web pages with little to no coding experience using WordPress.

Think Designs LLC will install and customize a universal FREE WordPress web software as the Content Management System.

Think Designs LLC will create and install custom sign-in/login functionality on the WordPress system. The ability to add and delete users as needed. This feature will allow the user to edit their new website.

You will have the ability to create an unlimited amount of forms and form fields with the ease of just dragging and dropping, no coding required.

Think Designs LLC will install Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and more!

Think Designs LLC will design the website to be fully compatible with small screen devices like tablets and smartphones.  Automatic resizing based on screen size. Compatible with Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry, and WebOS devices.

Think Designs LLC. will provide up to 10 stock photography or stock illustrations images provided by Adobe Stock/iStock. Videos or other digital images will require an additional fee.  A $15.00 fee for all downloaded stock photography or illustration if you exceed the 10 photography/illustrations amount from Adobe Stock/iStock.

Think Designs will provide 24/7, 365 services with 60 GB space and a monthly bandwidth of 600 GB. Also includes a full site backup with BackupBuddy ($80 value). Update all plugins. Real-Time Threat Defense Feed, Country Blocking, Remote Scans, Block Brute Force Attacks, Malware Scanner, Repair damaged files, View Logins and Logouts, View Human Visitors, Repair Files, SSL, and much more.

Think Designs, LLC will provide you a list of the most relevant keywords for their website, we’ll add meta tags, image tags, and optimizing other components of your website to help increase page ranking and so much more.

Think Designs, LLC will provide you an audit, keyword analysis, and competitor analysis.


Think Designs, LLC will optimize your individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. One-Page SEO will include the following:

Citation/Mentions – Research and create citations/mentions (yelp) to local businesses to increase page rankings.

Website Page Speed – Confirm your website has a page speed of 72% or above. Page speed improves user experience and improves rankings.

Favicon – Add branded Favicon icon to the website/tab/URL.

Thank You Page – Create a Thank You page. Thank You Page, will gain deeper insight into a user’s experience.

Optimized Web Page Content – Optimizing page content will earn a higher, relevant search ranking.

Google My Business Page – Set-up Google My Business. Google My Business helps you reach local customers with Maps.

Image Alt Tags – Add Image Alt Tags. Alt tags provide a text alternative for search engines.

Data Highlighter – Tag content so Google can learn the pattern of structured data on your website.

Meta Tags – Add title, description, and keywords to each page.

XML Sitemap – Installed XML Sitemap. Sitemaps act as a roadmap of your website for search engines to crawl.

Social Media Links – Add Social Media Links to the website. Social Media can improve your website’s traffic through search engines.

No-index tag – Install No-Index. The No-Index tag tells Google to NOT index the pages so that they cannot be found.

Websites Crawlability – Confirm Google can crawl your website, read the content, and have been indexed.

Robots.txt – Install Robots.txt files. The Robots.txt tells search engines which pages on your site to crawl.

Recaptcha – Install Recaptcha. Recaptcha helps protect websites from spam and abuse from email.

Media Query Responsive Test – Test website responsive design functionalities using media query technique.

Schema Markup – Install schema markup. Schema Markup improves the way search engines read your page.

Header Tags – Install Header Tags (page titles) and place them correctly so they can be found by search engines.

Keyword Density – Add the correct number of targeted keywords in the ratio of your overall content count on web pages.

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