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What Is a WordPress Plug-in and What Are its Benefits?

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What Is a WordPress Plug-in and What Are its Benefits?

Nearly one-third of all websites are powered by WordPress. This is because WordPress is an easy to use platform that uses various plug-ins. WordPress Plug-ins offer many benefits, but before we discuss that, let’s discuss what a WordPress plug-in is.

What is a WordPress Plug-in?

In simple terms, a WordPress plug-in is a piece of software, which you can upload to a WordPress site. The sole purpose of uploading them on one’s WordPress site is to enhance the site’s functionality.

Now that we have some idea of what a plug-in does, let’s discuss in detail the benefits of WordPress plug-ins.

Help Create Emails and Booking Forms

Web Designer Raleigh BlogWith WordPress plug-ins, you are more able to create emails and booking forms, for example, our request a consultation. The widget capabilities of WordPress plug-ins make it a better option than Blogger, which is WordPress’s main competitor. With a WordPress plug-in, you can make booking forms and emails despite your lack of technical knowledge. A WordPress plug-in is a perfect option for smaller businesses that lack funds and technical prowess yet want to convey information to their target audience.

Help With SEO

One advantage of using WordPress is the sufficient number of SEO plug-ins that come with it. With a significant number of plug-ins for you to choose from, you get to do wonders for your business. Whether you are designing a website or writing a blog, SEO is the most potent weapon if you want to rank well on Google. With several SEO plug-ins at your disposal, your website can be easily recognized by Google, which will drive valuable traffic to your website.

Provide Live Chat Facility

WordPress also offers a Live Chat plug-in. It allows you to interact with your customers, and deal with their problems head-on. For a long-lasting relationship with your clients, it is better to include the WordPress Live Chat Plug-in to your customer service.

Offer Security

Web Designer Raleigh BlogA fantastic benefit of using WordPress plug-ins is the fact that it allows you to access multiple security features. With WordPress, you have many security plug-ins to choose from. Not only do these plug-ins safeguard your data, but they also protect your customer information, thus ensuring a secure experience.

These were just some benefits of WordPress plug-ins. To know more about WordPress and the 55,000 plus plug-ins it offers, contact us regarding SEO today for a FREE consultation.


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