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What Is the Average Time Spent on a Website?

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What Is the Average Time Spent on a Website?

Website owners should pay attention to the visitor metrics for their site. Statistics such as how many visits your page receives per month, or how many customers follow your call-to-action can have a significant impact on your brand’s online presence. In addition to these stats, site owners should also pay attention to how long visitors spend on their site.

What Is the Average Time Spent on a Website

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Do you remember how long you spent on each website? People rarely pay attention to this simple observation. This may be because their perception of time feels skewed when they’re browsing through content they are interested in, or when they are turning away from a website they aren’t interested in.

Unfortunately, there are no studies that point out the average time visitors spend on websites. After all, there are over a billion sites on the internet, and finding a representative sample that includes the numerous types of sites would be near impossible. However, site owners can look up the average time visitors spend on their own site by using analytics tools such as Google analytics. This statistic is also known as “dwell time”.

By looking at these analytics, we can determine that the average amount of time spent on a website can be anywhere between 15 and 45 seconds.

What Factors Affect Dwell Time

Your site’s dwell time will be affected by many factors. These include:

  • Length of Each Page – Websites with longer webpage content are likely to have a longer average dwell time. This makes sense, as it will take visitors longer to read and scroll through a lengthy web page compared to a shorter one.
  • Load Times – If your website is taking too long to load, visitors may leave before reading and engaging with its content. This can reduce your dwell time, so site owners should address such problems before they start affecting each page visitor’s experience. You can speed up loading times for your site by compressing web page images or using a better web host.

Should You Care About Dwell Time?

You should be concerned about how long visitors spend on your site, as it may affect your website’s ranking in search engine results. Google tends to favor websites with high dwell times in their rankings. For this reason, site owners should do everything they can to improve the average dwell time for their website.


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