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Free Ways to Check the Competition of a Keyword

Free Ways To Check The Competition Of A Keyword

Free Ways to Check the Competition of a Keyword

Free Ways To Check The Competition Of A Keyword

Free Ways to Check the Competition of a Keyword

Keyword competition analysis is a critical aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By understanding how competitive a keyword is, businesses can strategize their content to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), driving more organic traffic to their websites.
Why is this important?

  • Impact on SEO: High competition keywords are harder to rank for, requiring more effort and resources. Low competition keywords might offer easier entry points but may have lower search volumes.
  • Strategic Planning: Knowing the competition level helps in deciding where to focus your SEO efforts, optimizing for keywords that provide the best balance between search volume and competitiveness.

Using free tools for keyword competition analysis allows businesses, especially smaller ones with limited budgets, to make informed decisions without financial strain. These tools offer valuable insights into keyword difficulty, search volume, and competitor analysis.

Overview of Free Tools
In this guide, we will explore 12 free tools that can assist businesses in conducting effective keyword competition analysis:

  • SEOBook: Comprehensive Keyword Scraper with UK/US Metrics
  • SEMRush: Unveiling Keyword Competition through Homepage Search
  • Moz Keyword Explorer: Versatile Tool with Volume, Difficulty, and SERP Analysis Features
  • KWFinder: Hidden Gem for Keyword Suggestions, Trends, and Search Volume Insights
  • Search Engine Genie: User-Friendly Benchmarking Tool for Keyword Competition Analysis
  • SERPS Keyword Rank Checker: Advanced Rank Tracking for In-Depth Competition Analysis
  • SERPS Keyword Research Database: Expanding Your Keyword Set with Spinoff Keywords and Data
  • Alexa: Competitive Intelligence through Competitor Keyword Research and Traffic Data Analysis
  • WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool: Simple yet Effective for Niche-Specific Keywords
  • Keyword Tool: Freemium Service Offering Extensive Keyword Suggestions
  • Keyword Spy: In-Depth Competitor Analysis for Strategic Insights
  • Google Keyword Planner: Foundational Tool Requiring an Active AdWords Account

By leveraging these tools, businesses can enhance their SEO strategy without incurring additional costs.

In addition to this, it is crucial for businesses to embrace the digital revolution and leverage platforms like Google Guaranteed and Local Service Ads to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation in today’s digital age.

1.SEOBook: Comprehensive Keyword Scraper with UK/US Metrics

SEOBook’s keyword scraper tool is a robust resource designed to help users analyze keyword competition effectively. The tool works by extracting and aggregating keyword data from various sources, providing insights into search volume, competition levels, and relevant keyword suggestions.

How to Utilize SEOBook for Keyword Competition Analysis

Consumer Preferences

  • Access the Tool: Navigate to the SEOBook website and locate the keyword scraper tool.
  • Input Keywords: Enter your target keywords into the tool’s input field.
  • Analyze Results: Review the returned data, focusing on metrics such as search volume and competition scores.

Significance of UK/US Metrics

Understanding UK/US metrics is crucial for marketers targeting these regions. SEOBook provides distinct metrics for both markets, enabling a more accurate assessment of keyword competitiveness in specific geographical locations.

Best Practices for Content Creation

When utilizing SEOBook’s keyword scraper tool, it’s important to remember that generating unique and original content is essential for successful SEO strategies. Simply copying content from another website and passing it off as your own can have detrimental effects on your online presence. Think Designs LLC explains in detail why you shouldn’t copy content from another website and call it your own, shedding light on the ethical and practical implications of this practice.

Exporting Data for Further Analysis

To export data from SEOBook for further analysis or reporting purposes:

  • Use the export feature available within the tool interface.
  • Download the data in CSV format.
  • Import the CSV file into spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets for detailed analysis.

Importance of Landing Pages in SEO Strategy

As you delve deeper into your SEO analysis using tools like SEOBook, it’s worth exploring the purpose and significance of landing pages. These pages play a critical role in converting website visitors into leads or customers. Think Designs LLC provides valuable insights on the purpose and importance of landing pages, helping you optimize your content strategy to maximize conversions.

By leveraging these functionalities and adhering to best practices for content creation and landing page optimization, users can make more informed SEO decisions, identify high-potential keywords for their content strategy, and ultimately drive better results in terms of website visibility and conversions.

2. SEMRush: Unveiling Keyword Competition through Homepage Search

The homepage search feature of SEMRush provides a straightforward method to gauge the strength of keyword competition. By simply entering a keyword into the search bar, users can access valuable insights such as:

  • Keyword difficulty score: This score indicates the level of challenge in ranking for a specific keyword.
  • Search volume: It offers an estimate of the number of searches performed for that keyword within a given timeframe.
  • Competitive density: This metric measures the level of competition among advertisers bidding on the keyword.

Benefits and Limitations

Although SEMRush only allows 10 searches per day for free users, this limitation can still be leveraged effectively:


  • Access to critical metrics like search volume and keyword difficulty without any cost.
  • Ability to identify high-potential keywords with relatively low competition.


  • The restricted daily searches may limit extensive research.
  • Free users are limited to viewing data from a smaller pool of keywords compared to premium users.

Practical Tips

Maximizing SEMRush’s limited data involves strategic planning:

  • Prioritize High-Impact Keywords: Focus on keywords that are central to your content strategy and have significant search volume.
  • Schedule Searches: Spread out your 10 searches across different times or days to analyze a broader range of keywords.
  • Utilize Export Options: Export available data for offline analysis and comparison with other tools.

By integrating these strategies, you can effectively use SEMRush’s free features to evaluate keyword competitiveness, ensuring informed SEO decisions that align with your business goals. Moreover, if you need assistance with professional marketing services, including SEO optimization, feel free to get in touch with Think Designs, a highly regarded marketing agency based in Raleigh, NC.

3. Moz Keyword Explorer: Versatile Tool with Volume, Difficulty, and SERP Analysis Features

Moz Keyword Explorer

is a powerful resource for in-depth keyword competition analysis. This tool provides several key features that make it indispensable for SEO professionals:

  • Keyword Volume: Understand the search volume of your targeted keywords, helping you to prioritize which keywords to focus on.
  • Keyword Difficulty: Gauge how hard it will be to rank for a specific keyword.
  • SERP Analysis: Examine the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to see what kind of content currently ranks and identify opportunities.

To get the most out of Moz Keyword Explorer:

  1. Keyword Volume
  • Input your keyword into the tool.
  • Analyze the monthly search volume data to determine potential traffic.
  1. Keyword Difficulty
  • Review the difficulty score provided by Moz.
  • Use this score to assess whether it’s worth targeting the keyword based on your site’s current authority and resources.
  1. SERP Analysis
  • Look at the top-ranking pages for your keyword.
  • Evaluate their content type, length, and backlink profiles to understand what it takes to compete.

Free users can perform up to 2 searches per day, which may limit extensive research but is sufficient for initial analysis or small-scale projects. By focusing on high-impact keywords during these searches, you can still gather valuable insights without needing a paid subscription.

For further information on SEO tools or professional web design services, consider reaching out to Sandy McClafferty at Think Designs LLC. Sandy McClafferty has an eye for detail and a creative flair for coming up with design ideas and color combos that are always a win. Her contributions are valuable, useful, and entertaining.

4. KWFinder: Hidden Gem for Keyword Suggestions, Trends, and Search Volume Insights

KWFinder is a reliable source for keyword suggestions, trends, and search volume data, making it an excellent tool for checking keyword competition. This is especially useful when optimizing your website and ensuring that you have the right keywords in place for effective SEO.

Key Features

  • Keyword Suggestions: KWFinder quickly generates a list of related keywords that can help you expand your target keyword list.
  • Trends Analysis: It provides historical data to identify search trends over time, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Search Volume Metrics: With precise search volume data, you can gauge the popularity and competitiveness of each keyword.

How to Use KWFinder

  • Input Your Target Keyword: Start by entering your target keyword into the search bar on KWFinder’s platform.
  • Analyze Results: Examine the list of suggested keywords along with their respective search volumes.
  • Evaluate Competitiveness: Use the search volume metrics to determine how competitive each keyword is in your niche.

By leveraging these features, you can effectively gauge keyword competitiveness and make informed SEO decisions that will ultimately improve your website’s online visibility.

While optimizing your website for SEO, it’s also crucial to consider other aspects such as security. Ensuring that your website has an SSL certificate is one such aspect. An SSL certificate not only secures your website but also builds trust with your visitors by establishing a secure connection between their browsers and your site’s server.

To learn more about website security and other frequently asked questions related to web design and development, you can refer to this comprehensive FAQ section by Think Designs. The section covers a wide range of topics and provides valuable insights that will help you make informed decisions when it comes to your online presence.

5. Search Engine Genie: User-Friendly Benchmarking Tool for Keyword Competition Analysis

When it comes to analyzing keyword competition, beginners often struggle with the complexity of the process. Fortunately, Search Engine Genie offers a highly accessible benchmarking tool that simplifies this task.

Key Features and Benefits

  •  Beginner-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, this tool is perfect for those who are new to SEO. It allows users to effectively analyze keyword competition without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Benchmarking Capabilities: The tool also provides benchmarking capabilities, allowing users to compare their keywords against competitors. This comparison helps identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

How to Use Search Engine Genie’s Benchmarking Tool

  • Access the Tool: Start by navigating to the Search Engine Genie website where you can easily locate the benchmarking tool.
  • Input Keywords: Enter the specific keywords you wish to analyze.
  • Review Results: The tool will generate a detailed comparison between your keywords and those used by your competitors. This analysis will highlight areas where you may have an advantage or need improvement.

By following this straightforward approach, you can easily identify competitive opportunities and optimize your content strategy effectively. For instance, if you’re a business owner in Raleigh, optimizing your website using effective tools like WordPress plug-ins (such as those explained here), in conjunction with local SEO services specifically tailored for Raleigh, could significantly enhance your online presence and increase traffic to your site.

6. SERPS Keyword Rank Checker: Advanced Rank Tracking for In-Depth Competition Analysis

SERPS Keyword Rank Checker is a powerful tool for gaining comprehensive insights into keyword competition. It offers advanced features that allow users to dive deeper into keyword competition metrics, providing a detailed view of competitiveness.

Advanced Options for Deeper Insights

The tool offers advanced features that allow users to delve deeper into keyword competition metrics. These options enhance the ability to analyze various aspects of keyword performance, providing a detailed view of competitiveness.

250 Results per Listing

One of the key advantages of SERPS Keyword Rank Checker is its ability to provide up to 250 results per listing. This extensive data set allows users to:

  • Identify trends across a large number of keywords.
  • Evaluate the competitive landscape more accurately.
  • Make informed decisions based on a broader range of data points.

For those looking to export data for further analysis or presentations, the tool offers seamless integration with CSV formats.

Using SERPS Keyword Rank Checker can greatly help in identifying opportunities and creating more effective SEO strategies.

If you’re interested in improving your website’s performance beyond keyword ranking, it’s important to consider other factors that impact user experience as well. For instance, have you ever wondered how the hamburger menu affects your website? Responsive design is all the rage these days, and users love the convenience they provide. Instead of double-tapping to access the site and its menu, site visitors can easily access the content they like thanks to the hierarchically architected content.

In addition, if you’re exploring ways to enhance the visual appeal and user engagement on your homepage, incorporating elements like a home logos carousel can be quite effective. This feature allows you to showcase your brand’s identity and establish trust with visitors right from the start.

7. SERPS Keyword Research Database: Expanding Your Keyword Set with Spinoff Keywords and Data

Exploring spinoff keywords in the SERPS Keyword Research Database can help uncover niche-specific competition opportunities. These keywords branch out from the main keyword, providing insights into related terms that might have less competition while still being relevant. This can be particularly useful for targeting long-tail keywords that might not be immediately obvious.

The tool provides crucial metrics:

  • Search Volume: Understand how often a keyword is searched for within a specific timeframe.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click): Gauge the cost advertisers are willing to pay per click for ads triggered by these keywords.
  • Value Metrics: Assess the overall value and potential ROI of targeting specific keywords.

By leveraging these metrics, you can make informed decisions about which keywords to focus on, ensuring a strategic approach to SEO.

Incorporating this tool into your SEO strategy aligns with staying competitive in niche markets. For additional resources on leveraging online tools and reviews, check out Here is Why Google Reviews are Important for Your Business – Think Designs and explore how design and marketing intersect at Where Design and Marketing Meet Success – Think Designs.

8. Alexa: Competitive Intelligence through Competitor Keyword Research and Traffic Data Analysis

Alexa offers a powerful platform for conducting competitor keyword research and analyzing website traffic data to understand competition better. With Alexa, you can:

  • Identify the keywords that your competitors are ranking for
  • Analyze traffic sources, including organic and paid search traffic
  • Benchmark your site’s performance against competitors in terms of keyword rankings and traffic volume

Benefits of Combining Keyword Analysis with Traffic Insights

Taking a holistic approach that combines keyword-level analysis with traffic insights from Alexa provides several benefits:

  • Comprehensive View: Understanding both the keywords your competitors target and the associated traffic data helps in identifying high-value keywords that drive significant traffic.
  • Strategic Planning: By examining the overlap between your site’s keywords and those of your competitors, you can uncover new opportunities for content optimization.
  • Performance Metrics: Traffic data allows you to measure how well your site is performing relative to competition, which is crucial for fine-tuning SEO strategies.

By leveraging these insights, you can make informed decisions about which keywords to target, understand the competitive landscape more thoroughly, and even gain inspiration from successful teams who have utilized similar strategies such as Think Designs LLC and their impressive team showcase

9. WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool: Balancing Simplicity with Filters for Accurate Competition Assessment

When it comes to keyword competition analysis, WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness, making it an excellent choice for beginners. While it offers a user-friendly interface, don’t be fooled by its ease of use – this tool incorporates essential filter options that ensure accurate assessment of keyword competitiveness.

Here are some key features that make it stand out:

  • Ease of Use: The interface is straightforward, enabling users to quickly generate keyword ideas without a steep learning curve.
  • Filter Options: Allows users to refine search results by applying filters such as negative keywords and niche-specific terms.
  • Search Limitations: Users are provided with up to 30 free searches, which is sufficient for initial keyword research phases.

Practical Tips for Using WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool

  • Leverage Filters: Utilize the tool’s filter options to exclude irrelevant keywords and focus on terms that align closely with your content strategy.
  • Assess Competition: Check the competitiveness of each keyword by analyzing metrics such as search volume and cost-per-click (CPC).

For a comprehensive approach, consider combining insights from this tool with other methods mentioned earlier to create a robust SEO strategy.

Ensuring Digital Inclusivity, especially through ADA compliance, is crucial when optimizing content for diverse audiences.

If you’re looking to expand your marketing efforts beyond SEO, Why Should I Offer Promotional Products? provides valuable insights into additional strategies that can complement your overall marketing approach.

10. Keyword Spy: Uncovering Competitors’ Strategies with this Comprehensive Competition Spy Tool

Keyword Spy offers a robust set of features designed to provide deep insights into keyword competition dynamics. This tool excels in:

  • Competitor Analysis: By analyzing competitors, users can gather valuable data on the keywords their rivals are targeting. This enables the identification of high-performing keywords and strategies.
  • Advertiser Count Metrics: Understanding the number of advertisers bidding on specific keywords gives an indication of the keyword’s competitiveness and potential cost-per-click (CPC).
  • Advanced Features:
  • Organic Keywords: Discover which keywords competitors rank for organically.
  • Paid Keywords: Identify keywords that competitors are investing in for paid search campaigns.
  • Advertisers: Track the number of advertisers competing for similar keywords.

Using Keyword Spy effectively involves:

  • Inputting Target Keywords: Enter your target keywords to uncover competitor data and track performance metrics.
  • Analyzing Reports: Review comprehensive reports that highlight competitive landscape, including organic rankings, paid keywords, and advertiser counts.

These capabilities make Keyword Spy an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to outmaneuver their competition by leveraging detailed keyword and advertiser insights. If you’re looking to optimize your SEO strategy, Keyword Spy can be a game-changer as it helps uncover your competitors’ strategies and provides a comprehensive analysis of keyword competition dynamics. Additionally, it’s worth noting that tools like Keyword Spy are often recommended by industry experts, as highlighted in this testimonials page, further emphasizing its value in gaining a competitive edge in your niche.

11. Google Keyword Planner: The Go-To Tool for Accurate Keyword Data despite its Limitations

Google Keyword Planner remains a vital resource for obtaining precise keyword data, even though its primary purpose is managing ad campaigns rather than directly analyzing competition.

Here’s why you should leverage Google Keyword Planner:

  • Search Volume Trends: It reveals the popularity of keywords over time, providing insights into interest and potential traffic.
  • Suggested Bid Prices: These prices indicate the competitiveness of keywords based on advertiser demand and bidding.

To fully harness the power of this tool, pay attention to:

  • Analyzing search volume trends to comprehend seasonal fluctuations and long-term interest.
  • Using suggested bid prices as an indicator of competition; higher bids usually imply more competitive keywords.

Google Keyword Planner offers reliable data that’s invaluable for SEO professionals seeking to select the right keywords and formulate effective strategies.

For a more comprehensive understanding of content optimization strategies that align well with Google Keyword Planner for SEO, consider exploring topics such as Demystifying WordPress Themes or Stock Images vs. Paid Images. These resources provide valuable insights to enhance your SEO efforts.


Using a variety of free tools for keyword competition analysis gives digital marketers the ability to create better SEO strategies. Tools like SEOBook, SEMRush, Moz Keyword Explorer, and others mentioned in this article offer valuable insights into keyword competitiveness at no cost.

When evaluating keyword competitiveness, it’s important to combine quantitative metrics with qualitative judgment. Relying only on data points such as search volume or CPC may not give the complete picture. You should also consider factors like:

  • Search intent
  • Relevance to your audience
  • Competitor strategies

Continuously monitoring and adjusting to competition is crucial in SEO strategies. The market can change quickly, so it’s essential to stay updated on current trends and what your competitors are doing. By regularly using these free tools, you’ll be able to adapt and maintain a competitive advantage.

For those who want a more advanced approach, we offer professional keyword research and competition analysis services by our expert Tripp Winkler. Our team has the expertise to ensure that your SEO efforts are based on comprehensive and up-to-date data.

Combining both free resources and professional services can greatly improve your SEO effectiveness, helping you stay ahead in a competitive digital world.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the importance of using free tools to check keyword competition before optimizing content for search engines?

Using free tools to check keyword competition is crucial as it helps in understanding the competitiveness of keywords before optimizing content for search engines. This allows for informed SEO decisions and increases the likelihood of achieving better search engine rankings.

How does SEOBook's keyword scraper tool work and why is it a valuable resource for analyzing keyword competition?

SEOBook’s keyword scraper tool works by scraping relevant keywords and providing UK/US metrics, which are essential for understanding keyword competition. It is a valuable resource as it allows for comprehensive analysis, including CSV export for further reporting purposes.

What are the benefits and limitations of using SEMRush's homepage search feature to assess keyword competition strength?

The homepage search feature in SEMRush provides insights into keyword competition strength, but it comes with the limitation of limited data (10 searches per day). Despite this limitation, it can still be effectively utilized with practical tips to maximize its utility.

How can Moz Keyword Explorer be leveraged for in-depth keyword competition analysis?

Moz Keyword Explorer offers key features such as keyword volume, difficulty, and SERP analysis, making it a versatile tool for in-depth keyword competition analysis. However, free users are limited to 2 searches per day, impacting thorough competition research.

Why is KWFinder considered a hidden gem for keyword suggestions, trends, and search volume insights?

KWFinder is considered a hidden gem as it provides reliable keyword suggestions, trends, and search volume data essential for assessing keyword competition. Its insights into search volume metrics make it valuable for gauging keyword competitiveness.

What makes Search Engine Genie's benchmarking tool a beginner-friendly option for understanding keyword competition levels?

Search Engine Genie’s benchmarking tool is user-friendly and ideal for beginners looking to understand keyword competition levels. It allows users to benchmark their keywords against competitors and identify potential opportunities with ease.

How does SERPS Keyword Rank Checker provide advanced options for gaining deeper insights into keyword competition?

SERPS Keyword Rank Checker offers advanced options that allow users to gain deeper insights into keyword competition. With the ability to provide 250 results per listing, it enhances the effectiveness of comprehensive competition analysis.

What value does exploring spinoff keywords in SERPS Keyword Research Database bring to uncover niche-specific competition opportunities?

Exploring spinoff keywords in SERPS Keyword Research Database brings value by uncovering niche-specific competition opportunities. Additionally, the provision of search volume, CPC, and value metrics aids in assessing keyword competitiveness.

How can Alexa be utilized for competitor keyword research and analyzing website traffic data to understand relative competition levels?

Alexa can be utilized for competitor keyword research and analyzing website traffic data to understand relative competition levels. By taking a holistic approach that combines keyword-level analysis with traffic insights from Alexa, valuable competitive intelligence can be obtained.

What features of WordStream's Free Keyword Tool make it a user-friendly choice while still offering essential filter options for accurate competition assessment?

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool balances simplicity with filter options, making it user-friendly while still offering essential filters for accurate competition assessment. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners looking to conduct accurate keyword competition analysis.

How can Keyword Spy's advanced features provide valuable insights into keyword competition dynamics?

Keyword Spy’s advanced features such as competitor analysis and advertiser count metrics provide valuable insights into keyword competition dynamics. These features help in uncovering competitors’ strategies and understanding the competitive landscape.

Why is Google Keyword Planner still considered a crucial tool despite its primary focus on ad campaign management rather than competition analysis?

Google Keyword Planner remains crucial due to its ability to provide accurate keyword data. Although focused on ad campaign management, considering both search volume trends and suggested bid prices in Google Keyword Planner can serve as indicators of keyword competitiveness.

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